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Once you have decided to market a list, your choice of List Manager is THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISION YOU WILL HAVE TO MAKE. You don't want just anyone representing you. You want Chilcutt Direct Marketing. As your list manager, we will represent you by taking your customer lists and marketing them to other companies who have similar target audiences.

At CDM, your List Manager is much more than an "order taker", but rather acts as an extension of your marketing department. The range of services you can expect from Chilcutt extend from full-service marketing agent to transaction and accounting management.

We go out of our way to research and find as many possible clients to market your lists to. In turn, increasing profits for you. We make our money by helping you make money. The more we generate, the more revenue you earn.

Currently serving as the exclusive List Manager for over 250 titles, the List Management team at Chilcutt has developed a reputation for service that rivals any company in the industry. "I want to work with Chilcutt!" is heard time and time again at trade shows across the country as both industry veterans and newcomers learn the Chilcutt way of doing business.

At CDM, you are the one who decides how great or small the manager's role should be. This person could be in contact with you as often as 10 to 15 times a day or as infrequently as once a month. It's your call. Either way, Chilcutt Direct Marketing is there for you -- with complete answers and immediate turn-around on your list rental income.