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Direct marketing. In basic terms, it is getting your product or service to potential customers - directly. When it comes to direct marketing, there are a myriad of strategic plans and crucial decision, which must be continually made to ensure the growth and long-time viability of your business.

Don Chilcutt realized that back in 1980. His goals were simple… provide his clients with the best customer service available and find profitable solutions to tough problems as they related to his client's direct marketing needs.

Chilcutt Direct Marketing currently serves as the List Broker and/or List Manager to more than 200 companies. Why do so many of these "partners" trust us to handle their most precious commodities? Simply put - Chilcutt consistently provides unparalleled service and quality.

We realize that the relationship between a client and their list brokerage & list management company is actually on of partnership. Each must act responsibly in order for both to prosper. As such, each has knowledge and accessibility to the innermost workings of the other. This makes choosing a list broker or list manager one of the most important business decision you make.

Now, Chilcutt provides a full line of consulting to our family of services. Making Chilcutt your complete source for direct marketing solutions. With Chilcutt Direct Marketing, you'll find an entire company of dedicated professionals who stand ready to go beyond the ordinary and do whatever we can to make - and sustain - your potential as a direct marketer.