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Direct marketing. In basic terms, it is getting your product or service to potential customers - directly. When it comes to direct marketing, there are a myriad of strategic plans and crucial decision, which must be continually made to ensure the growth and long-time viability of your business.

Don Chilcutt realized that back in 1980. His goals were simple… provide his clients with the best customer service available and find profitable solutions to tough problems as they related to his client's direct marketing needs.


Once you have decided to market a list, your choice of List Manager is THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISION YOU WILL HAVE TO MAKE. You don't want just anyone representing you. You want Chilcutt Direct Marketing. As your list manager, we will represent you by taking your customer lists and marketing them to other companies who have similar target audiences.

At CDM, your List Manager is much more than an "order taker", but rather acts as an extension of your marketing department. The range of services you can expect from Chilcutt extend from full-service marketing agent to transaction and accounting management.


Chilcutt Direct Marketing List Brokers become an extension of our client's marketing department. We understand that our primary responsibility is to successfully achieve our mailer's goals and objectives.

The List Brokerage department of CDM serves as the exclusive List Broker to more than 200 companies. The success of the List Brokerage department of CDM is directly attributable to one thing -- listening to the customer.

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